Jungle Shooter

Jungle Shooter 1.0

is a game where you need to collct fruits to feed your pets
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Jungle Shooter is a shooter game where you need to align 3 fruits to get them in your fruit basket .You should be quick at aligning falling fruits. Each level is more challenging than the previous. Should a fruit touch the bottom brown line, you lose. To finish a level, you need to collect fruits (the number required to finish the level is displayed on the left). After you finish the level, you can feed your pets. Pets are an interesting feature of this game: After being fed enough, they reach a new level. You start with 2 pets but you then unlock the others at the level 20 and the level 30, it means you'll finish the game with 4 pets. If you have a hard time when playing the game, you can use one of your pet's great skills: depending on the pet, the skill is different and can either freeze fruits for a few seconds or destroy some of them. Remember you can only use one of your pet's attack if you have enough energy; your energy increases at the same speed during a level, no matter what you do. Keep in mind that a pet that has a higher level consumes more energy when using its skill but it is more powerful.
Bottom-line: This is a really great game for kids or grown-ups to have some fun. The difficulty is progressive, the game is amusing and it's free. Why not give it a try?

John Static
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  • Easy to play
  • Funny
  • Original
  • Progressive difficulty
  • Entertaining music


  • The downloadable version is not standalone: you need to launch it in your Internet browser with Flash Player installed
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